"From the very beginning having a family was something we both agreed upon."

Right from the beginning, my husband and I wanted to start a family and were over the moon when we found out I was pregnant early in our marriage. Like any normal expecting parents, we went into planning mode for the arrival of our newborn, from essentials such as a nursery to our unborn child’s future. We never imagined in a million years that our pregnancy would be anything but normal.

On June 15, 2006, our daughter Hannah was born, arriving early at 28 weeks. Hannah had a brain bleed due to lack of oxygen, which took away any chance of survival and our eager anticipation of a healthy baby. Hannah was born still –

Nothing will ever prepare any parents for an outcome as heartbreaking and life changing as the death of their child. In the delivery room, there were no loud cries of a baby, only the silent cries of my husband and the nurses as they watched me hold my precious daughter, Hannah.

Hello and goodbye in on breath. I had lost all faith in life and God after Hannah left us.

"I had lost all faith in life and God after Hannah..."

On May 3, 2008, Hannah’s sister, Amelia Sander was born early at 26 weeks. She joined her sister in Angel Heaven before she even came out. I knew she was gone and refused to push her out - but I knew I had to. My faith weakened even more so after losing our second daughter, Amelia.

After that day, I never looked at life the same. The same thought would cross my mind over and over- WHY? I was angry and questioned God’s motive – what was the God I once believed in trying to tell me. I knew Hannah and Amelia's short time on earth had a purpose. I had to search for it. As a mother, it was also very important for me to keep Hannah and Amelia's memories alive.

In February 2013, a visit to India would help shed come clarity to that one question constantly in my head. A visit to an all girl’s orphanage would give me that "AHA" moment people talk about. I knew I wanted to do something to help with the orphanage and at the same time honour my daughters.

"It was from that trip Hannah and Amelia's Angels Foundation was founded."

It was from that trip Hannah and Amelia's Angels Foundation was founded. My hope is to inspire other women who share similar journeys to fulfil their purpose in life and to honour their children that have passed. I want to make my daughter's proud. Their memory is alive in the faces of the children this foundation is helping. Keeping Hannah and Amelia’s memories
alive through this foundation has given me the fulfillment and purpose that I felt empty for. I never dreamed my life would be what it is today. I never imagined a life without children.

Life handed me this pain, a pain that leaves an everlasting impression. I made the choice to embrace the pain and make a small difference by easing some of the heartache by helping underprivileged children. My life journey is full of love and purpose, which stems from not only helping underprivileged children reach some of their life goals but simply seeing them smile. I see my daughters smiling at me through their faces. I feel Hannah and Amelia’s love, support and strength, which is the driving force behind this foundation.

I feel honoured and blessed to be able to leave a legacy in honour of my daughters. I hope reading through my journey will inspire some of you to turn your heartbreaks into a heartwarming purpose-filled life. Holding on to faith in the face of tragedy and heartache is most difficult. There is a purpose in everyone’s life. There are signs all around you that lead you to paths that will help fulfil your purpose. You must believe and keep your faith even at the most trying times. I have always felt, if your life journey is more difficult, it is because you have a higher purpose. I believe this now more than ever.

“Life does not happen to you but for you” – Tony Robbins.

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